Hello and welcome to WallTechnology. Here living on top home page will be a Take a Minute for Technology Series. We will tell you about new services and or features coming to you from WallTechnology. As well this will be where We give you the latest tech tips for you and your machine. Have any questions and your machine? Well contact us at Vlog@walltechnology.ca, Ask away and we will be happy to “Vlog” about it.

Keep up to date with the latest “Vlogs” by WallTech. See them anywhere at any time. Watch past “Vlogs” or ones you’ve missed. But seriously. Don’t miss any, It’s not cool.

 No. 005 – Chromecast 
 No. 004 – Data Backup 
 No. 003 – BestBuy Rewards
 No. 002 – Time is Precious
 No. 001 – Intro: Welcome
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