DJ-AWALL is brought to us by WT STUDIOS from Wall Technology.

Latest projects are focused on customizing top hits and bringing them to a whole new level of awesome. Need a theme for a new home business or maybe for an opening for a local event? Well he is ready to “Bring the Bass” to your event or business. Maybe you just need an into for presentations, well he’s fully equipped to handle all your needs. DJ-AWALL does not host and or available for live DJ Mixing. For live DJs, he recommends DJ-INSTINCT, Edmonton’s latest DJ.

Entertaining with wild mixes of top hit music. Digital and all. Creator of “The Awesome Series”. DJ-AWALL Presents“Bringing the Bass to a Whole New Level”.

DJ-AWALL brings us “The Awesome Series”.

The series consist of custom songs describing and promoting events, places, and companies that are simply awesome. Wants an Awesome song for your place of business?  Well simply bring him in to check the place out and take part in events and let him do what he dos best.

DJ INSTINCT is the freshest DJ in YEG!

DJ-AWALL recommends INSTINCT for all live music mixes and events. Pump up your event with hits & beats by Instinct.

Hear him at Mixcloud and fallow him on Facebook.

WT STUDIOS is brought to us by Wall Technology.

WT STUDIOS is the OFFICIAL Wall Technology studio productions developer. Find all DJ-AWALL, WT STUDIOS, Wall Technology, and featured projects under WT STUDIOS. See the works at WT STUDIOS Youtube.

How much will this cost?

Service 1
“The Awesome Song” (Bundle pack)

  • Awesome Songs – $100
    • Music Mixing – $50

Service 2

• Theme Video for any Business – $40
• Intro Theme for any event – $40
• Intro for any presentation – $40

Service 3

• Remix of Company Intro – $50
• Remix for Radio Commercial – $100
• Remix for Video Commercial – $100

Service 4
“Studio Recording & Operations”

• Individual Songs and or Albums – $100
• Mixing Music and or Albums – $100
• Studio Operations – $50

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