We have the knowledge and experience to service all your Apple concerns, setups, damages, and your advanced needs.

We’re not just here for basic setups. We can get you setup with Apple/Windows servers for your Mac OS X environment.

Have a place of business operating with Apple products? Well we can maintain and service those environments.

Get basic repairs for great prices! Damaged screen, No boot-up, Not charging, and any other basic repairs. These can be fixed without needing to replace your equipment. We advice you on prices and value concerns on the device, fixable or just have to take the step and upgrading to a new device.

Sometimes the repair is worth the work when the device still holds value and isn’t yet too obsolete. We all know how much Apple technology costs and just can’t bare to replace or simply upgrade. Sometimes all you need is a sprucing up.

Issues you may have…

What might I look for when my computer may need servicing and or repair? Why is it doing that?
Remember that this may be a simple and or relatively cheap repair rather than buying all new.
Let us diagnose the problem and give you the options to proceed further.

Hard Drive Failure? If the original hard drive on your Macbook/Air/Pro, iMac, and or Mac Pro well then it is getting slower or memory storage is near full, it may be time to upgrade the hard drive. We can replace it with a bigger one. Or sometimes when you power on your Mac, you may see the computer take a long loading bar when starting up, It may be a sign that your hard drive may be failing or beginning to fail. Better back up your data now. If you want to give your Mac an even bigger boost, It’s strongly recommended that you get a new SSD (flash) drive instead. With your system and apps on it, you can get work done much faster as everything will go from sluggish to snappy. If you’ve got a Mac, we highly recommend upgrading/switching to an SSD or if your machine supports M2 hard drive, we can install and set you up.

* Warning message from Mac OSX that you need to run “check disk utility”
* No chime when turning on computer
* Question mark folder when start up your Mac
* System freezing or slow
* Spinning Wheel at Startup
* Spinning well frequently while executing Applications

Mac Logic Board/Graphic Chip Repair. These are symptoms of typical Logic Board issue. This repair requires the replacement of the logic board. If your Mac display is facing any of these problems, there is a very good chance we can help you:

* Distorted video or no display
* Pixelated images
* No chime sound when startup
* Blue screen or grey screen
* Panic Screen
* Freezing randomly specially while performing graphic intensive task
* Reboots occasionally

Screen Replacement. Replacing a broken front glass display or cracked inner LED Screen of your Mac. We offer a free assessment. We replace Mac screens with a brand new from a reputable provider. Removal of the front display glass is required in order to access the inner screen panel. For example:

* Cracked screen or broken screen
* Vertical lines or Horizontal lines
* Grey screen or Black screen
* Dark Screen or no backlight
* Flickering screen

Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac Display Screen Replacement.

How much will this cost?

Repair services are carried with a $15/hour with service price and the cost of the replacement part.

Flat-Rate Labour for Repairs – $15

Up to five hours. If a full workday is required, a flat fee of $200

Basic Services
• Remote Assistance (Provided by RDC and TeamViewer) – $5 (One time per computer)
• Consulting of Parts/Equipment Orders – Free
• Virus, Spyware, and Disk Cleanup – $49
• Recycling of computers and other devices – $5

Hard Drives
• Data Recovery $99
• Data Migration (From one to the other) $49

Data Recovery starts at $99 (Depending on the severity of the issue. Maximum price for data recovery per single drive is $499)

Diagnostics $10 & Installation $20
• RAM (Memory)
• Hardrive (IDE/Sata/SSD)
• Motherboard
• CPU/Housing Fans
• Video Cards
• Keybaords
• Trackpads
• DVD RW/Burner
• Any Additional Components

Software Installs & Setup
• Basic $49
• Adavanced $99

Installation discs and license keys may be required to complete the service and should be brought upon check-in.


Not operational during holidays. Emergency services will be at additional cost.
Any home calls and or transportation needed is carried with an automatic fee of $40. Any further transportation can influence this travel fee.

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