Wall Technology offers up to date technical support by trustworthy, caring, and competent staff.

In addition to information about our services, our website provides answers to “FAQs” and offers top tip videos on computer use. Our services are affordable and efficient. Here at Wall Technology, pay per project with a low hourly rate. Our goal is to get your system up and running as quickly as possible! We offer loyalty discounts to returning and ongoing customers.

So please browse our site and feel free to contact us for any questions you have or services you may require.

Wall Technology is a great place for refurbished parts and or replacements. When requiring parts for repairs or custom builds, if you are short on money, well we can help you save money. Here we keep parts of computers and use them for other projects such as yours. Of course, if you want all new, we can certainly do that as well.

Here we like to order parts from BestBuy, Memory Express, Amazon, Uniway Computers, and ebay.

Wall Technology is not responsible for any data loss but of course we try our best to prevent such a tragedy. We are not reasonable for damages or loss during or after services are done at the repair center. Beginning the process, you agree to these terms. All interactions, transactions, and all data is strictly confidential.

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